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Classes and Workshops: IRS, Real Estate, Bookkeeping

I love to share what I know, and I have been teaching for over 20 years. Among my multiple awards in public speaking are Southeast Texas Champion of Public Speaking and The Biggest Liar. The latter, of course, comes from my extensive IRS audit experience.

This is to say that very few of my students fall asleep, even though we discuss such fascinating topics as bookkeeping and income tax! Read student testimonials below or, better yet, come and see for yourself!

The schedule of my classes and presentations varies. The most reliable way to be reminded is to sign up for my free newsletter.

     Upcoming classes and presentations:

Every Thursday 12:00 PM CSTfree weekly “IRS taxes for Realtors” webinars, starting February 23rd, 2017
March 9, 2017“Taxes & Asset Protection” expert panel at the Realty Investment Club of Houston general meeting
March 13, 2017“Why the IRS hates Real Estate investors – and how to stay out of IRS trouble” – workshop at the Realty Investment Club of Houston
March 21, 2017“How to (not) mess up a new RE investor’s tax return” – class at the Realty Investment Club of Houston
May 2017, date TBD – “How to (not) lose $10,000 – $100,000 in Real Estate” – an eye-opening class

     Previously recorded classes and seminars:

Black Belt in REI Taxation Seminars

#1 – IRS Taxes for Landlords and Flippers. (6-hour introductory-to-intermediate level class)

#2 – Structuring Owner-Financed Deals for Tax Savings. (4-hour advanced workshop)

REI Pro Guard – Advanced Tax and Legal Seminars

#1 – Mastering REI Business Operation. (4-hour intermediate-level workshop, jointly with attorney Steven Newsom)

#2 – Mastering Real Estate Closings. (4-hour advanced seminar, jointly with attorney Steven Newsom)

#3 – Mastering Private Lending. (4-hour advanced seminar, jointly with attorney Steven Newsom)

REI Business Foundation Seminars

Real Estate as a Business. (2-day seminar, with attorney Steven Newsom and multi-millionaire investor Tom Berry)

Real Life Accounting for Real Estate Investors. (2-day boot camp)

Do It Yourself LLC Formation. (1-day class by attorney Steven Newsom, with my guest presentation “Tax Consequences of LLCs”)

Testimonials from local investors who attended my classes

Michael Plaks classes

Enlightening experience! Breadth of knowledge conveyed in a very clear and concise way.

Ben Hadden, Real estate investor.

I just made money by attending this seminar!

Scott Harpring

You’re right – taxes can be funny! I enjoyed your sense of humor and how you clearly broke down complicated subjects.

Kristin Walter

Covered taxes for landlords from head to toe (and then some). A must for anyone investing in real estate.

Kevin Miller

I have learned so much in this hour. I can just imagine the money that I would have saved if I had met you earlier.

Amanda Trevino

Extremely useful information. After this class I feel prepared to begin this venture if I choose to.

Lisa Velasco

Michael Plaks classes

Michael has found a way to make learning and understanding taxes a breeze.

Tommy Moreado

The class was excellent. There were so many incorrect assumptions that I had. Now they have been cleared.

Latressa Cooper

Top notch presentation – humor, speed and content – a home run!

David Ross

IRS Taxes for Realtors – free weekly webinar series

Every Thursday – 12:00-1:00 PM CST

Are you a Realtor? Great! We are covering various tax issues and answering your questions every Thursday on YouTube – completely free!

Each webinar is 30-40 minutes, followed by a Q&A session

You have a showing during this time? No problem! All webinars are recorded and available on our YouTube channel.

You can watch the next webinar right here:

Taxes and Asset Protection expert panel

Thursday March 9, 2017 – 6:00-9:00 PM

The Realty Investment Club of Houston, better known as the RICH club, is the oldest REI club in Houston. Many local investors owe their success to the RICH club.

From 2006 to 2016, I was coordinating the “Taxes and Asset Protection” focus group at the club. Tax professionals and attorneys shared their expert knowledge with investors. The focus group has been discontinued in 2017. However, the RICH club is bringing the expert panel for a reunion at the March 9 general meeting. I will be joined on stage by two real estate attorneys – Michael Holmes and David McDougald.

The meeting is free for the club members and first-time visitors. Register at the RICH club website.

Why the IRS hates Real Estate investors – and how to stay out of IRS trouble

Monday March 13, 2017 – 7:00-9:00 PM

Did you know that the IRS has special programs targeting REI businesses for audits? You know now. What you still do not know is how to protect yourself from Uncle Sam. And this is why you need to attend this eye-opening workshop! It’s not easy to make money in real estate – why surrender it to the IRS?

This presentation is part of the Monday Night Workshops hosted by the Realty Investment Club of Houston, better known as the RICH club. Many local investors owe their success to the RICH club.

The workshop is free for the RICH club members and costs $30 for non-members. Register at the RICH club website.

How to (NOT) Mess Up a New RE Investor’s Tax Return

Tuesday March 21, 2017 – 7:00-9:00 PM

First-time investors (and most tax preparers) tend to fall into one of the two traps: either they miss valuable tax deductions and overpay the IRS – or they report their business incorrectly and end up in IRS trouble. Which of these two problems do you prefer? If you answered “neither” – then this eye-opening class is for you!

Some of the topics we will cover:
– What income is taxable in REI business
– What expenses are deductible
– Schedule C vs Schedule E
– Expenses in the first year of business
– Taxation of sold properties
– Commonly overlooked deductions
– Hidden tax traps and Internet myths
– and more

Notice: this is an introductory class, and no prior knowledge of taxes is needed. However, we will not get into the advanced topics of taxation, such as creative strategies, loopholes or business entities. Also, this is not a “how to prepare your own tax return with TurboTax” class. You will learn important rules and practical tips, but it may not be enough to prepare a good tax return yourself.

This class is hosted by the RICH club members. $199 for members and $299 for non-members. Register at the RICH club website.

How to (not) LOSE $10,000 – $100,000 in Real Estate

May 2017 date to be announced soon

I’m tired of preparing tax returns showing huge losses! And I’m not talking about paper losses – real losses! $5,000… $20,000… $50,000… sometimes more than $100,000!

I continue to meet new investors who burned thru their savings, their severance money and money loaned by their families. Investors who maxed out on their credit cards and ended up giving up, going back to looking for a job, or even in bankruptcy!


Allow me to save you from a financial disaster. Please?

Some of the topics I will cover:

  • Anatomy of a real estate deal – where is the profit?
  • Who comes out ahead – wholesaler? flipper? landlord? lender?
  • 10 deadly mistakes of a new Real Estate investor
  • 5 critical success factors in REI – what separates the winners
  • How to choose your niche as a new investor
  • plus a lot MORE!

And, believe it or not – it costs only $99!

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