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Taxation of real estate investments is a very specialized and technical area of the tax law. Not enough knowledge – and you can lose thousands of dollars to the IRS. For best results you need a specialist. We work exclusively with real estate investors. In fact, the most common reason our new clients choose our services is:

“I don’t think my current CPA understands real estate.”

Well, Michael Plaks does. Here are some of the questions that savvy investors ask:

  • How can I avoid or reduce capital gains tax on this pending sale?
  • What are the tax consequences if I owner-finance this property?
  • Can I use my 401(k) money for real estate investments?
  • How should I structure my lease-options for tax purposes?
  • Do I qualify for the Real Estate Professional status?
  • Will I save on taxes if I incorporate or create an LLC?
  • What is the best entity to set up for me and my new partner?

Answering these questions requires advanced knowledge and experience – the two things that are hard to come by. Please read the free real estate articles on this site, sign up for Michael’s classes, and check out our recorded seminars.

If you need Michael to answer your specific tax-related question, please visit our Ask Michael page where you can get your individual questions answered for a nominal fee.

Beyond that, for a detailed one-on-one discussion, including review of your prior tax returns, we suggest scheduling a private consultation with Michael. Here is how it works:

  • Private consultations cost $350/hr $190 – 45% OFF!. We cannot offer free consultations, sorry.
  • Consultations can be arranged either in person, over the phone, or via Skype teleconference.
  • We normally block 1 hour for consultations. Please let us know if you believe yours make take longer.
  • Due to IRS tax seasons, we have blackout months: March, April, September, and October.
  • Urgent consultations, including those during the blackout months, are billed at $500/hr.
  • You are in control: it is your agenda, and you define how deep we explore the issues.
  • We recommend that you jot down your questions in advance, to keep the conversation focused.

Ready to schedule? Thank you, and please follow these 3 steps:

  1. Call or email our office to schedule time and clarify the process.
  2. Complete and return to us consultation agreement.
  3. Mail us a $350 $190 – 45% OFF! check or, if you prefer, pay electronically right here:


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