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Real Estate Business: Investing in real estate – the good, the bad, and the ugly

  • But it was dirt cheap!
  • The Tale of Two New Investors
  • Why do you own rental properties?
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    Real Estate Taxes: IRS issues specific to real estate investors

  • “Real estate investors” do not exist!
  • I sold a house. What do I owe the IRS?
  • Owner-financing for investors – what about taxes?
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    Business Taxes: IRS issues for business owners, including Realtors

  • Where do I deduct all my business expenses?
  • Sending 1099-MISC to contractors and vendors
  • Home Office – tax deduction or not?
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    Business Setup and Entities: structuring and operating a business

  • I formed a company! Now what?
  • LLC? LP? Corporation? – What should I choose?
  • Texas Franchise tax reports
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    Bookkeeping and Accounting: keeping track of business income and expenses

  • The Ten Commandments of Great Bookkeeping
  • Setting your record(s) straight – for the lazy investor
  • Receipts? I don’t have them!
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    Personal Taxes: general IRS issues for individuals

  • IRS-related identity theft is rampant
  • April 15 is here, and I am not ready!
  • Foreign Accounts – IRS demands new reporting
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    IRS Problems: owing money to the IRS, audits, IRS letters

  • HEEELP!!! I received a letter from the IRS!
  • Avoiding the IRS debt black hole
  • IRS scams – phone and email
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    Miscellaneous Topics

  • Join Toastmasters to boost your business
  • Just put it in the mail!
  • Ignore tax tips from consumer magazines
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